I have been painting and drawing since the age of 10. In 2007, at the age of 50, I made the decision to devote the rest of my life to my great passion of painting and to enriching the lives of others through my work. When you purchase one of my prints, you have my guarantee that I will give you the very best of my essence. It will be something that endures for present and future generations to enjoy. My dream and goal is to produce the best of the best... and that I guarantee.


Every painting that I do is done out of love for my work. I look at every artistic opportunity as a chance to express my love for art. Within that expression, I try to capture the very best of my abilities. There is no size that can intimidate me, and there is nothing that you can think or dream that I cannot produce. As of September 2007, some of my largest paintings are 25 feet high by 60 feet long, and 16 feet high by 140 feet long.